List of Top Vaccines


The world has registered more than 85.6 million cases and witnessed deaths adjacent to 1.85 million by the start of 2021. No drug has been proven 100% effective against the virus, although a few drugs, namely, Remdesivir, Hydroxcholroquine, Favipiravir, Cipremi, Azithromycin have been in the limelight. A Vaccine seems to be the permanent cure that will result in the end of the pandemic. Researchers around the globe are working diligently to find a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 virus. Many vaccines are under clinical trials and a few have been authorized to the date. This has led to the establishment of an enormous market in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Top Growing ITS Segments and Technologies

Future of Intelligent Transportation System: Top Growing Segments and Technologies

Transportation is the life line of the any business and a country across the world. In last 5 years there has been significant increase in the need of healthy transportation that are less traffic obstruction and public safety due to growing sales of vehicles. Post mid-2021, this is further expected to affect the health of transportation system and increase the traffic obstruction and public safety in the countries that has high population density.

3D Food Printing: Trends & Future of Food Tech Industry

3D Food Printing: Trends and Future of Food Tech Industry

With the help of 3D food printing, production can be easily and perfectly controlled based on customer demand. It plays an increasingly important role in food processing as a complementing technology. In these food preparation methods, the quality of 3D printed food items depends on the process and planning rather than traditional food people’s skills. Thus, the bulk food product producers are focusing on the application of 3D food printing and to disrupt the consumer demand from the food industry.

Demand of Aspirin, BIO-11006, and Dopamine Drugs to be Boosted by Long Term Covid-19 Health Effects

In May 2020, total number of COVID-19 cases crossed a mark of 5 million of which, approximately 1.3 million cases are listed as recovered. However, experts are warning of possible long-term effects for patients after they’ve survived the corona disease. This disease attacks many organs within the body — from the lungs and heart, to the liver and kidneys. In addition, there are also, few instances of mental disorder after recovery such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety. These effects increased the demand for medicines in chronic categories and gave a major boost to the overall medical industry including pharmaceuticals and medical devices across various countries globally.

Fintech Industry

FinTech Industry to be on a Bumpy Ride in 2020!

Fintech i.e. financial technology industry has changed the way of banking, investment or buy insurance policies for consumers in last couple of years. It has made financial products easily available and financial transactions more convenient for its users. Along with this, it has also brought several cost benefits such as investment management, mobile banking, fund raising, among others to the customers.

Top 5 Industries Boosted during and after Corona Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has started weathering the world economy. This is highly expected to affect the industries such as food and beverages, automotive, oil & gas, insurance, sports and entertainments, travel and tourism among others. However, there are few markets which are expected to promise positive growth for next 3 years. These markets include the sectors like healthcare, technology and chemicals.